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What We Do

Haitian Youth and Community Center of Florida (HYCCF), Inc.

Haitian Youth and Community Center of Florida (HYCCF), Inc. is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 membership organization that provides a variety of services, including after school care, summer programs, youth services, child care services, and Family and Community Partnership.
HYCCF operates a nationally accredited child care center that provides comprehensive child development services to children and families in the community.
HYCCF/Early Step Learning Center's are licensed to serve one hundred and eighty eigth (188+) children.
HYCCF uses the same facility and resources that has enabled its' Head Start child care program to achieve a great deal of success.
HYCCF is located in the community that it has served since 2002.
During this time, HYCCF has successfully engaged over 2000 people through community outreach and collaboration with other prominent organizations that serve Haitian children and their families in Miami.
HYCCF has experience in developing and operating community enhancement programs that meet the needs of the community.

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Early Step Learning Center

Lillie M Williams Head Start Center